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Dating Part - Asking for a Date

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In the previous section, we covered talking to someone before getting a date. In the next section we are going to work on some sentences you need to say during the date.

As I said previously, there isn't really another dating language. Most of it is regular conversation such as small talk, movies, hobbies, school, and work topics.

Let's start where we left off. By now, you should have a phone number. It is your responsibility to call and get a date. Even though you got a phone number doesn't guarantee a date. You have to convince the person to actually show up. Here is what you should say.

On the phone

Them: "Hello."
You: "Hi. Is Janet there?"
Them: "This is Janet."
You: "Hi Janet. This is Mike. I met you at the party last Saturday night."
Them: "Oh. Hi Mike."
You: "Did you enjoy the party?"
Them: "I had a great time. How about you?"
You: "The next morning was tough, but it was real fun, especially meeting you."
Them: "It was great meeting you too."
You: "Can I take you out to dinner followed by a movie or some other thing?"
Them: "Well, I am a little busy with school and all."
You: "A couple hours shouldn't hurt too much. I'll make sure you have a good time. If you want, we can talk about your school. Maybe I can help you on some topics you are unsure about."
Them: "Ok. Sounds good. I'm free this Friday after 6:00. How does that sound to you?"
You: "That sounds good. Do you want to meet somewhere or would you like for me to pick you up?"
Them: "If you don't mind Italian, I'll meet you at Olive Garden at 6:30 on Friday."
You: "Sounds great. I'll see you then."

Let's analyze this small conversation real quick. First, Mike didn't assume that Janet remembered him. He reminded Janet where and when they met. It isn't a good idea to put someone on the spot right.

Next, Mike asked if Janet had a good time. This is a small talk question to break the ice.

Afterwards, Mike gave a small compliment by saying, '... it was real fun, especially meeting you.'

So Mike is giving an indication that he is interested in Janet.

Next, Mike asks for dinner.

Janet's response is important to learn from. She knows Mike has interest in her, but she is not too sure. When Mike asks for dinner, she is hesitant. We see this when she says, 'I am a little busy with school and all.'

Everyone is busy, and Mike knows that this is an excuse of not going out. There are many things that Mike can do now.

1.   Mike can put pressure on her without any substance like, 'Come on. Let's just go out.' Or he can not even let her completely answer by saying, 'I'll meet you at Olive Garden at 7:00.'
2.   Mike can be a coward and say, 'Ok. Well, if you decide to change your mind, give me a call.'
3.   Or Mike can persuade Janet by appealing to her interests.

The number 1 choice doesn't work because putting pressure on someone is not good. She might not come, or start with a bad impression. Number 2 choice will result in Janet never calling back.

The answer Mike gave is a great answer. He is promising that she will have a good time, and also understanding her school interest and promising to talk about her school.

From Janet's perspective, Mike has good manners not pressuring too much, and understanding her interest by talking about her schooling.

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