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What do you do when a worker is giving the team more problems than helping?

"What do you do when a worker is giving the team more problems than helping?"

If you have a lot of team work experience, you know that there are a lot of people like this. It is a fact that some people actually slow down the work than help the work. That is why this is a good question to ask. A good employee will know how to handle this situation. A bad employee will do all the work themselves. Although doing the work is good, it doesn't show that you can deal with different types of people.

Short Answers

"I follow a process of helping my coworker out in any way I can. This can include assistance in their portion of the work or by encouragement. If that doesn't work, then we redistribute the work to make sure everything is covered. I believe it's important to let my manager know of the problem as well."

"If the problem is related to a difficult task that a coworker cannot solve, then I'll get all the team members to help out. But if the problem is due to laziness or unwillingness to work, then I'll inform my manager of the problem."

"It's hard to deal with a worker that puts in great effort but slows down the team. I noticed it is best to tackle the problem early. One way I found that was helpful was to be more firm. This way, the project continues to move forward without so many interruptions due to small arguments."

Long Answer

"I've been in this situation a couple of times. One time, we organized and distributed easier work to the worker with problems. But this is only a short term solution. Most of the time, I end up spending a lot of time helping the person out. It might have been quicker if the rest of the team members did all the work, but I figure helping this person now will benefit us in our next project. Although this method doesn't work all the time, I really get excited when it does work. Then I know I really helped another person succeed and this in turn helps the company."

This answer will also work if you leave out the last two sentences. But I included the last two sentences to emphasize that helping other people succeed is really the truth instead of just words. If you choose the right way to say something, it sounds much more believable.

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