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Give me a specific example at your last position where...

"Give me a specific example at your last position where reduced cost."
"Give me a specific example at your last position where you made things more efficient."

These are very similar to the 'Tell me about' type of questions. They want a specific example from your work experience. But if the position is an engineer position, you will not get questions about revenue and cost, but you might get one about efficiency. In other questions, I gave an example of reducing cost, so I will use this time to give an example of increasing revenue.

Short Answers

"As a sales associate, I do my part in increasing revenue by making more sales. Even if I'm having a good month, I continue to work hard to make sure our company is continually increasing its revenue."

"It's something small, but in our office, everyone left there monitors and lights on. I simply put up signs to turn off their monitors and to turn off office lights. This really helped and our VP even told me he appreciated the small effort."

"We provide many different brochures for our clients, and when we get low on a specific brochure, we have to order each one separately. I created a small tool that automates this process and saved about 30 minutes of work each time we ordered brochures. It was something small, but my manager appreciated it."

Long Answer

"In my last position, I was the manager for a Japanese restaurant. We were located in downtown and realized that not everyone had a full hour for a lunch break. I created a system to turn 5 of our dishes into meals that would be ready in three minutes. We put up a sign indicating that we would have meals in less than three minutes and revenues jumped 30%. I considered the location of the restaurant and saw an opportunity to provide meals to customers that would've never considered our meal due to their lack of time. The store owner was really proud of this accomplishment."

All examples will be different because everyone has different experiences. When you think of your own, you should primarily be concerned about how clear you are. Think of something you did and put them into words. Having answers ahead of time will keep you organized during the interview.

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