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Technology is constantly changing and cell phones for one are more remarkable than ever. From adding applications and ring tones to texting and internet access, the options seem endless. With the constant advancement in technology comes a lot of decision making when one considers buying a new phone. Though cell phones add convenience and on the go communication, home phones too have advanced throughout the years making it possible to video chat, forward calls, and conference call.

Cell Phones

The use of cell phones has increased dramatically over the years adding a new dimension to the on-the-go, fast paced life styles of today's world. Below we will take a look at some questions involving the decision making process when looking at and ultimately choosing a cell phone.

Here are some questions commonly used when talking about cell phones.

"With all the cell companies out there how do I decide who to go with?"
"Should I ever consider a pre paid cell phone?"
"I have never text before. Would you recommend getting a phone I can text with?"
"How important are all the applications you can get for your phone?"
"Should I purchase a phone that is blue tooth compatible?"
"What kind of plans are there to buy?"
"Should I buy a warranty?"
"Should I consider a family plan and purchase phones for them?"

If you are asked any of these questions, here are ways that you could respond.

"I would go do some research and compare companies, that way you can try and get the best deal."
"I would go off of recommendations from friends. See who they are with and who they like."

"I would maybe consider getting a pre paid phone if you were buying one for of your kids. You can put a certain amount of money on it that they can't go over. So that way you can keep them from charging up the bill."
"I have never used a pre paid phone. I don't see why you just don't get a regular one."

"Yes, texting is great and it's a fun way to talk and keep in touch."
"Most phones you can text with. I would look for one with a bigger keypad so it's easier to use."

"Applications are fun. Some phones have free ones and others you can buy."
"I use applications on my phone all the time. I have one for music, one for games, and one I use as a GPS."

"Blue tooth is a wireless earpiece used for hands free talking. I would highly recommend getting one."
"Yes I would make sure it is blue tooth compatible. In some states it is illegal to talk while driving but if you're using a blue tooth it's ok."

"Every company has different plans. I would just ask when I go there to look at phones."
"I would get a plan with free long distance and free texting."

"I always buy a warranty. That way if you break your phone they will replace it."
"I think warrantees are a waste of money. If my phone breaks I just buy a new one."

"I would first look into the prices for family plans if you're interested."
"Family plans are great. Your whole family can get their own phones and it's a good way to keep in touch with busy teenagers."

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