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Pet Care

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Choosing a Pet

Choosing the right pet is one of the most important steps in becoming a pet owner. There are a lot needs to be considered when taking into account the time, money and effort a pet can require. Where you live, are you active, are you gone a lot, any medical issues and do you have a family? All of these questions and more should be discussed when thinking of buying a new pet. When looking for a pet you may also consider visiting a shelter. Many animals at a shelter need a good home and most likely will already have their vaccines and be spayed or neutered. A shelter is a good place where stray or homeless animals are taken in order to try and find them suitable homes.

Here are some questions commonly used when discussing what kind of pet to consider.

"Do you like cats or dogs?"
"Do we have time for training?"
"Do you have a house or an apartment?"
"Is this going to be a family pet?"
"Would you consider getting a pet from a shelter?"
"Is there any other animals you are considering?"
"Are you active?"
"Are you comfortable grooming a cat or dog?"
"What kind of food should you feed it?"

If you are asked any of these questions, here are ways that you could respond.

"We like cats and dogs but are looking more for a dog."
"My wife is allergic to cats, so we prefer a dog."

"We both work full time so finding time for training may be tough."
"I really want to be committed so I will take my dog to training classes."

"We live in a small apartment so maybe a cat or very small dog would be best."
"We have a house with a yard so we have lots of room for any size dog."

"Yes, we have children so we need a pet that can get along with small kids."
"This is just me, so my house is pretty quiet."

"We are not sure about cats or dogs but we really are interested in a fish."
"My kids really want a hamster, but my husband and I are not too sure yet."

"I run everyday so having a dog that could run with me would be great."
"We go on walks occasionally but are not really active."

"I am not too comfortable grooming animals so I would probably take it somewhere for nail trims and baths."
"Yes, I am familiar with brushing and nail cutting but we would have to take it somewhere to get it bathed."

"I think we should just ask our veterinarian."
"I hear that a raw diet is the best. Maybe we can look up information on it."

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